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14 Tips For Hosting A Lingerie Party

11 tips for hosting a lingerie party

Before throwing a lingerie party, make sure you have a plan. A lingerie party is usually tamer than a bachelorette party, so you may only want to invite close friends and family members. However, there are many ways to make it a big success! Read on to discover a few ways to make your lingerie party a hit! Listed below are some tips for hosting a memorable lingerie party!

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Less formal than a bachelorette party

A lingerie party is less formal than a traditional bachelorette party. The goal is to have a great time celebrating the upcoming marriage, while still remaining a party that is as intimate and fun as possible. If the bride is hosting the party, it may be best to invite her closest friends and family members to attend. Invite the bride’s siblings and cousins if possible, and make sure they approve of the guest list. In addition, make sure you remind guests of your social media rules.

While the concept of a bachelorette party has been around for years, the modern version is more relaxed. These parties typically involve friends and are less formal than a traditional bachelorette party. You can participate in activities that involve lingerie, such as wine tasting, dancing, or even watching a movie together. Depending on the number of people attending, you can plan a less formal version.

As a bride-to-be, you can throw a less-formal Lingerie party. No formal invitation is necessary. The guests can bring gifts for the bride or other bridesmaids. If you want to keep the party more formal, consider hosting a bridal shower party instead. You can even have the bride’s family members attend the party instead of being invited to it.

Gifts for the bride-to-be are the norm at a bachelorette party. Guests are typically given sexy lingerie or gag gifts. You might also want to consider giving her a romantic gift to commemorate her special night. However, remember to be sensitive to the bride’s sensitivities as overbearing or over-enthusiastic planning might end up turning people off.

The bride should be involved in the planning of her bachelorette party. She may not want to travel and have a big party, which is why you should discuss this with her. In addition, it is best to choose a date for the party before the bride gets married. If she doesn’t want the event to be a big deal, she can always go to a beach or tropical retreat to spend time with her friends.

Held at a friend’s house

If you’re planning to throw a lingerie party at a friends’ house, there are some tips you can follow to make the event a success. First, invite guests. Be sure to ask the bride’s bra and underwear size so you can provide them with gifts that will fit perfectly. Include this information in the invitation, so that guests can choose the gifts that best fit their needs.

If you’re having a lingerie shower at a friend’s house, make sure you choose a private location. This way, the bride can feel comfortable showing off the gifts and trying them on. If the bride has guests from other families, consider booking a hotel. The venue should be private enough to keep guests comfortable. Once the guests arrive, you’ll have to provide snacks and drinks.

Make sure the guests know that a lingerie party isn’t the same as a bachelorette party. Although the latter is more raucous, lingerie parties should still be fun for everyone. Make the party memorable by incorporating decorations inspired by lingerie. Try to provide good food and drinks and be sure to conduct yourself in a way that makes the bride feel comfortable.

Guests should arrive early. If your friend is the host of the party, you can choose a place that is easy to access and is near a bathroom. A good location should also provide for ample seating. Guests will have to wear comfortable clothing for the occasion. A nice tablecloth is always recommended. The tablecloth should also be white, so guests are able to find it without too much trouble.

Playing games is a great way to keep everyone entertained. Play a lingerie-themed game, such as Musical Lingerie, which involves wrapping underwear in multiple layers of wrapping paper and passing it around while music plays. Once the music stops, the person carrying the gift must unwrap it and model the underwear for the other participants. It’s an entertaining game, and the prizes are pretty sexy too.

Bridal party

If you are planning to host a lingerie shower for a friend or loved one, here are some tips:

First, set the mood. This party is an opportunity for you to give the guests the kind of intimate apparel the bride is interested in. Lingerie parties are a good choice if the bride is particular about her style, so don’t hesitate to use a theme to match. Besides, lingerie is an Instagram-worthy occasion, so a lingerie shower is bound to be an Instagram-worthy party. To make the lingerie party a success, decorate the chairs of the bride-to-be. To add a little fun, hang bright chair scarves on the chairs of other guests. And don’t forget to buy boas for guests; these can double as party favors.

bridal lingerie party

Choose the perfect location. A lingerie party should be held in a place that will be comfortable for guests. It should be an intimate setting with plenty of room for games and introductions of friends. The bride-to-be’s friends should be her closest friends, because they will be opening sexy and erotic gifts. Make sure you communicate the size to your guests. Guessing her size may cause offense or result in exchanging items.

The bridal lingerie shower is a more low-key affair than the traditional shower. The bride-to-be’s friends and family members are invited to bring a few gifts to the party. They should be able to choose lingerie from a variety of stores, and the party should be more laid-back than a traditional bridal shower. There are some important points to remember though, namely that it is only appropriate if the bride is comfortable with this idea.

Bachelorette party

You can combine your lingerie shower with a bachelorette party or have it as a separate event. It can be brunch or evening and should be attended by the bride and her closest friends. Invite your sister, cousin, and other close friends, but make sure to ask them first. Also, make sure that you have a good list of guests to ensure that everyone is comfortable. One great way to avoid awkward moments is to choose a theme.

Lingerie bachelorette parties are intimate affairs, so proper planning is essential. A lingerie bachelorette party should be held in a cozy, comfortable setting, and involve games to introduce the guests. Guests should wear their most sensual attire to this party. A few good games to play include “Mad Men” and “Hot Mess.”

Time waits for no one

You must have heard this cliche time and time again, but you wonder how this relates. Well, it does. The more time you put into planning your party, especially your lingerie party, the better the result you get from it. It is a practical law of parties. You surely do need time to plan everything, time to send invites. You need at least two weeks, this isn’t much time, but it is possible to plan and execute in two weeks. You may want to hire event planners or professionals to help you out, the choice is yours; but you still need to give them time to plan.

Don’t be shy about hosting a lingerie party

This seems obvious, but can be tricky for some people. The success of your lingerie party depends on this “obvious” reason because there are different types of lingerie party.

There’s the:

don't be shy about hosting a lingerie party
  • Sales Party – Some people might want to host a sales party and decide to go lingerie. They may even use models, others invite women and make them be models for the night
  • Shower/Wedding/Special Occasions – you may want to celebrate an anniversary, Bachelor Parties, wedding showers, or even reunions and a lingerie party are one of the most popular options.
  • Girls’ Night – Sometimes, you just want to relax with the ladies at the hotel, play games, hang out, talk or just have fun with fellow ladies without the usual guys’ vibes.
  • Sorority Lingerie Party – This type of party is mainly coed and done especially in colleges/universities and places where they are matured enough to attend.
  • Showroom Lingerie Party – these are lingerie parties done at a business where lingerie is specifically sold. Of course, they are different from the sales lingerie party since they are hosted in the showroom (or on the business premises) instead of in your house.

Just inform your guests what type of party it is. Marketing lingerie parties are popular too, so if it is, let the guests know upfront. Also, let them know if it’s just a sexy party, and there is no reason not to combine more than one reason if you can pull it off.

Lingerie parties are also safe zones

It is completely in place for people to feel sexy in private areas. Places where they can go and feel comfortable and safe with other people who are like minded. These parties are an intimate affair, so it’s best to make sure all guests feel comfortable being present. Even in the academia, a certain degree of comfort is expected. That’s why the previous tip was to clarify the nature of the lingerie party. If your guests are there to have fun, and you end up selling them products, they will not feel comfortable in the situation. If you intend doing it for business or for pleasure, be sure everyone feels comfortable.

Always have the main room

You must keep a single room where most of the party events is going to take place. The room should be decorated to indicate that it is the main room for the party. Remove anything that is not in line with the theme of your party. All the intended games, eating, and drinking must be done in this room. This will make your guests comfortable as they will feel together in one room.

Get a theme for your lingerie party

Themes add flavor and spark to your party, themes are generally cool. Everyone remembers a themed party. To this end, you must always theme or have a theme when hosting your party. The theme gives the party life and it also personalizes it. Here you can fly your creativity as high as possible. Take, for instance, the mere fact that it is a bridal shower does not mean that the theme must be “weddings”. It could also be: “Genesis” or “A new beginning” “My Little Pony” or even “star wars”. You can check up on party planning websites to see amazing themes for your party.

get a theme for your lingerie party

Decorate accordingly

Once you have known what your lingerie party is all about and you have got a theme, next up is to decorate properly. You do not want to decorate your venue with things related to weddings you’re your party is a valentine party, do you? These are two different things.

Have a great food selection

No matter the kind of lingerie party you do, food is a big part of it. You need appetizers and snacks, including a main course or two. It is also worthy to mention that having a variety of food helps spice the event.  Fries and dips are not bad, but you also need finger foods. You will be on the safe side if you prepare something for both vegetarians and meat eaters, (unless if your lingerie party is strictly for vegetarians). If you are on a budget, do not push yourself too much, measure your expected guests and prepare for them, if you have a variety.

Match the bar to the party

Even if it’s a marketing party, do not shy away from drinks. Traditionally, the drinks for most of the best exotic women undergarment parties are wine. If you are marketing, provide the needed wine. Also, if it is a party where you have many wine drinkers, make sure you have more wine than liquor. If you are hosting a co-ed party, then liquor is expected. One of the numerous questions people ask is if it’s proper to ask your guests to bring something along, the answer is ‘yes’. However, if you want them to bring wine or drinks, you shouldn’t ask them to bring food, and vice versa. Then this must be disclosed earlier in the invitation.

Prepare games and party gifts

You don’t want your party to be boring, so you need to prepare activities and games which will keep everyone occupied during the course of the event. Plan all the games you want everyone to participate in, and prepare gifts to hand out to the winners to encourage participation. The idea of games and gifts is to create memories which will keep people talking for a long time to come. It also helps add spice and fun to your party, which is why the guests came in the first place.

Invites should be sent only after the planning is complete

You should only send invitations after planning as stated in the tips above. It doesn’t matter if you have a date and venue for your event. A good party invitation is only sent after all the planning have been concluded. Having decided on all the tips above, you already have a theme for your lingerie party, which will help you craft your invitation. Remember, plan first, and then invite after.

Your lingerie party is here, have fun!

You’ve put in a lot in the planning and preparation for this party, if properly done, everything will flow naturally. Now, all you need do is relax and have fun. You don’t have to force it, just be calm and flow with the party. Remember, it’s all about you enjoying yourself.