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On a side note. It doesn’t really matter what the media projects what attractive women look like. Skinny with no curves is not sexy. The fact of the matter is women with curves, big butt, big hips, and thick thighs is what attracts the majority of men today. Most men prefer a sexy thick women over a skinny thin women any day.

The only males that really go after skinny women are young high school and college kids. If you are trying to attract young boys. Then yeah lose weight and get skinny. Most women are not looking for a young boy, so you must know you been really attractive this whole time.

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In reality, you really shouldn’t care what other people think of you anyways. You should live the life you want to live and think how you want to think. If you are not thinking for yourself someone else is thinking for you. If you are OK with not thinking for yourself. That is your prerogative as well.

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This is your life, live it how you want to live it!

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